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Nine Fun Reading Homework Ideas For 4th Grade Students

Making young students read is not always that easy. It comes natural for someone, but others just don't want to spend their free time on something other than computer games. If you face this problem with your 4th grade, we've gathered some techniques that can help you.

  1. 1. "Act it out"
  2. The students will be asked to bring whatever they hear or read to action. This will make reading interesting as well as develop creativity in young learners.

  3. 2. Illustrate the book
  4. This will work well with legends, myths or other fiction books – let the children use their imagination and draw what they read about.

  5. 3. Discuss the reading in class.
  6. If a child knows that he needs to present his ideas in front of the whole class, they are more likely to read it and note interesting moments.

  7. 4. Look for the books together
  8. When it's important to stick to the curriculum, you can read a book that you class wants to every now and then. It will let the students know their opinion is valued and reading will become more interesting.

  9. 5. Offer diverse reading material.
  10. Make your class familiar with all kinds of readings – books, short stories, myths, fairy tales, poems etc. Change to another type of reading every now and then to keep it interesting.

  11. 6. Use dictionaries in class for unknown words.
  12. It will help the children to get used to searching the information in the book and will teach them that books have a lot of useful information

  13. 7. Out-loud readings.
  14. Children love to read out-loud in front of the class, you can dedicate one class to such readings. Be sure to change readers often, so others don't get bored.

  15. 8. Offer other type of reading
  16. Reading does not necessarily means books. Assign your students to read newspapers or journals their parents have at home.

  17. 9. Make a favorite book day
  18. Let your young readers bring their favorite books to school and tell a few words about them – others can find some interesting material for themselves to read.

See – it's not about "making" the students do something. You need to create such and interesting and engaging task that the child will not even realize he is doing something he hated before. They are just children, after all, they want to play. If you give them this, they will do everything else without even noticing.