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Dealing With Homework In Middle School: Simple Directions To Follow

If you have problems dealing with your homework assignments, it makes sense for you to learn how to be more effective at studying in general and how to handle your homework properly with less trouble.

  1. 1. Be active in class and listen carefully, trying to answer questions.
  2. 2. Ask questions, if something is unclear for you or you don’t agree with something.
  3. 3. Take careful notes of all the most important things that are said by the teacher and accurately put down all the homework assignments.
  4. 4. Learn how to use reference books and dictionaries.
  5. 5. Learn how to search for and use information from the Internet.
  6. 6. After you learn something complicated in class, repeat the material at home, even if there is no assignment for this subject or if another lesson’s going to be in several days.
  7. 7. Starting to do your homework, think not only about what should be done, but also about how it can be done.
  8. 8. In case you are having troubles with your homework, ask for help from parents or classmates.
  9. 9. Compose a plan and think carefully how much time you need for each assignment.
  10. 10. Remove everything that can distract your attention, prepare all the tools that are required for the first task.
  11. After you have completed it, remove things that are not needed any more and find what you need for the next one.
  12. 11. Have breaks between different tasks.
  13. 12. Give attention to understanding the assignment before you get down to remembering it.
  14. 13. Reading a paragraph, ask yourself questions that will help you understand it and its connection with the information you have already learned.
  15. 14. Don’t procrastinate with preparation for reports, essays that require a lot of time. Work over them for several days, spreading the load evenly.
  16. 15. Praise yourself for each success.

You need to remember that your memory works better for the things that:

  • - You use all the time,
  • - You have not completed (interrupted actions),
  • - You really need,
  • - You can connect with other your skills and abilities,
  • - You can connect with emotions (both pleasant and unpleasant).

Use keywords that can be found in each paragraph. Create a question to each keyword, give a reply, connect all the replies into a single chain and try to reproduce the main sense of the paragraph, using this chain. Do the same with the entire text that you need to understand, remember and learn. You will find out that this method allows learning with more effect and less effort.