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How To Do My Homework When I Don’t Want To: Getting Motivated

Studies have been written on motivation and what moves a person to want to do a task or jobs. The bottom line is that the reward is the propulsion for this work. Homework can be overwhelming.

The rule is that teachers should give no more than 45 minutes of homework at no more than three nights a week. But f you are taking a rigorous schedule, have a test tomorrow, and have some long term projects, this could mean you have nights where you end up with three to four hours of assignments. We have some tips on how to do your homework when you don’t want to and what to look to for motivation.

Motivation for Doing Homework

  • Look at colleges-if you are in high school, your desire to work should be moved by your desire to go to college. You should visit those colleges, put posters up in your room of the campus, and keep in mind the requirements of the schools you are interested in. and if you are just struggling to complete those 30 geometry problems, take a quick virtual tour of the college.
  • - Accomplishment and baby steps-I get a sense of accomplishment when I can break my work into baby steps and check off the work as I complete it. I also give myself a small reward when the entire workload is complete. It's amazing how quickly and efficiently I can work if I know I’m going to the movies or the mall.
  • - Be realistic-if you are going to trade school, opening up your own business, or going to college, you have to have a high school degree. Gone are the years when people were able to move ahead on street smarts and luck. You want to build an education, which allows you to become the best person you can be. The world is yours for the taking, but it is your job to prepare for it. You want to better yourself every chance you can get.
  • - Advanced classes-some advance lasses have prerequisites. You would need a certain grade to take the class. There is no better way to get motivation than knowing you could be accepted into a higher level and more interesting class section.
  • - Honor societies-if you do your work and make high enough grades because your foundation is so strong, you could become eligible for invitations to honor societies. These societies are recognized worldwide and are a plus of any job or college position you might seek.