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4 Reasons Why Homework Should Be Banned On Weekends

Homework is fast becoming a bone in the soup. Eminent heads are calling for it head and the demand for its effective ban is getting more vocal. Yes, there are learned fellows who ask for a middle path; something which seems more logical.

The complete boycott

Yes, there is merit in asking for its complete boycott on weekends. You can come up with a fat lot of reasons why it should be so; not all of them will cut the ice, mind you. Here are 4 solid reasons why assignments should be banned on weekends –

  1. Home time – In today’s nuclear world, kids get very little time to gel with their parents. Weekends are the only days (Saturday and Sunday) when working parents have days off or rather relaxed. You almost have a fundamental right to devote the time to them without bogged by the essentiality of assignments. You can of course choose to study any subject you wish to or subject here you lag.
  2. Sense of relief – Weekdays may be hectic for office goers; but it is no less cumbersome for school kids. Thus, when weekends come, there is an innate sense of relief among both kinds. Assignments kill that feeling; and thus spread the germ of rancor among students regarding studies. With the banning; the ball will judiciously be in your court as a student. If you wish, you can yourself devise assignments; say, a narrative essay or a chapter of mathematical problems.
  3. Striking a balance – This decision will actually be beneficial for the longevity of homework. When the weekend assignments are shown the door; the call for complete boycott will naturally get diluted, if not muted. Students will understand that they cannot get everything under the sun and a sense of compromise will be reached. In this light; this may be a far-sighted decision.
  4. Revision time – Those students who do not remain updated with studies are pressed harder by assignments that leave very little time to sty updated with the developments in different subjects. With the weekend ban, those students will get a glorious chance to revise what they have missed and get better at subjects that intimidate them. Since this procedure will be self-ignited, there will be more purpose and heart in the studies.

So what if you are a student, you have the right to enjoy your holidays without any fuss or compulsions. Let there be days when you can safely say no to assignments.