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College Homework Issues: 5 Points To Consider

Homework is a very important part of a student’s academic studies. It helps a student structure their free time around studies and also gives them the opportunity to develop personal time management practices. There are many reasons why a student may have trouble with their homework and teachers should be aware of the issues faced by students when issuing assignments. Here are 5 points to consider about homework issues:

  1. 1. Materials demanded
  2. Sometimes, an assignment may require a student to perform a practical task like the construction of a scientific experiment. In some cases, the individual may not necessarily posses the means to attain the materials necessary and so they fail the exercise without ever having the chance to succeed.

  3. 2. The ability of the student
  4. Some people are naturally better suited to working in a group, they make good team players but are incapable of functioning on their own. Because of this, homework can prove to be very difficult and so these individuals never complete their assignments, or do so poorly. If teachers could recognize the strengths and weaknesses of their students and structure the assignments to suit a wider variety of individuals there may possibly be less failures and drop outs.

  5. 3. Student’s grasp of the topic
  6. Homework usually involves revision or answering questions on a previously taught topic. If a student should lack the required knowledge or experience, either because they missed a class or simply did not understand the lessons when it was taught to the class, they may find themselves unable to complete the assignments. This can cause a chain reaction of failures which can be hard to reverse. If this situation is identified and dealt with quickly, many students can maintain a healthy grade score.

  7. 4. The availability of assistance
  8. Some students may not have internet access or educated family members at home and so the resources available to them may be limited. Many teachers give assignments taking for granted that every student has the ability to access information or assistance from at home but this is not always true.

  9. 5. Time constraints of different students
  10. Some homes are financially strained so some students may have to work part time to help out, or take care of their siblings while the parents are out. In this situation, the student may be unable to complete their homework, which leads to bad grades and eventually they may be forced to drop out of school.