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Homework And Learning: 10 Interesting Facts For Students

Whilst many students may dislike the fact that they have to do homework, and may find themselves put off by the learning process, there are many interesting things to be aware of when it comes to homework and learning. Ten facts have been described below that might be of interest to most students.

  1. 1. The learning process is more effective without distractions
  2. Whilst it is tempting to have your mobile phone on, or to listen to music whilst working, the learning process is generally far more effective when you do not have any distractions affecting your concentration.

  3. 2. Regular breaks can help you to learn more easily
  4. For students that like taking time off occasionally, it will be good to hear that regular breaks can actually help you to learn more easily, as they prevent your brain from effectively overheating, which can prevent it from taking in any new information.

  5. 3. Setting a routine can help with the learning process
  6. To help boost your motivation and increase your concentration levels, it can be a great idea to set a routine. This will help you to settle down and concentrate on the learning process when you have to complete assignments.

  7. 4. Completing homework soon after it has been set can help if the information is fresh in your mind
  8. It is a good idea to complete any assignments as soon as you can after you get home, whilst any information is still fresh in your mind, as this will help to get the work done quicker and to a higher standard.

  9. 5. You need to allow enough time to take part in activities you enjoy
  10. As important as it is to study and learn, you should also allow enough time to take part in any other activities that you enjoy. This balanced lifestyle will ensure that you are ready to learn when the time comes.

  11. 6. Learning is easier if you enjoy what you are doing
  12. If you enjoy what you’re studying about, it will be far easier to learn.

  13. 7. Organising your time better can reduce the time you spend on the work
  14. It is a good idea to plan and organise your time, as this will make you more efficient, and require you to spend less time on the work.

  15. 8. Your brain will switch off after a while, so include more variety
  16. Rather than trying to study the same subject for hours on end, it is a good idea to add a bit more variety, so spend bit of time studying history, for example, followed by geography, or any other subject.

  17. 9. Your brain works better at different times of the day, so choose a time that suits you
  18. Whilst some people work better during the morning, others work better at night. Try and find out which works best for you, and choose that time to do your homework.

  19. 10. People of all ages are capable of learning
  20. Finally, it is a common myth that old people can’t learn new things. In fact they can - everyone of all ages can.

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