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Things To Know About Homework Assignments In Public Schools

Amid vociferous debates about the relevance, necessity and humane aspect of homework, significant changes are being made even as you read it. Different schools have taken different views on the subject of offering assignments to students. While some are officiously lenient, some take the harsher path.

Here are the things you must know about homework in public schools

  • - Middle school students should not be given more work than 30 minutes per day. For high school students, an hour’s labor is not out of the mill. Those under Grade 4 should be given an hour’s assignment per week to settle the issue.
  • - The homework should be given with an eye on future preparation for exams. It should not be altogether useless or frilly. It should be relevant to the syllabus and should be compatible with the modern teaching approaches.
  • - There should be a strategy towards holistic development of the student; not just academic growth. The teacher should emphasize on the growth element with acuity. He should make it a point to be cautious while devising the homework for kids in public schools. Of course, the system is slightly different in military schools where discipline and diligence are key target areas.
  • - The teachers should implement the strategy of mixing the easy assignments with the complicated ones. Subjects that are normally expected to pose problems to the students should be tackled with a different marker. It falls on the teacher to ensure that you gain the concept of such subjects (say, exact science) before sailing with the homework.
  • - Teachers should present you with ideas as to the reference materials you need to check to expedite your assignments. He should offer you clarity on how to deal subjectively with assignments. Otherwise, you may find yourself stretched in time and ideas.
  • - The assignments should not make you extend your study time considerably. For example, you cannot be expected to write a 5-page essay in a single day. You cannot be expected to complete an entire segment of Math on a single night.
  • - Teachers should treat homework as if they would have liked them in their life as students. They should not extract revenge because they were subject to harsh assignments to be completed in a constricted time. The humane aspect is a key element.

The best way to treat assignments is to make believe that they are your long-lost brothers that should be offered specialized treatment; love, care and passion.