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Truth And Lies About Education: Should Students Have Homework?

Often times, the arguments or debate about homework is centred primarily on if this ‘after school activity’ offers any real benefits to students and secondly, if there should be a limit to the workload given to students as assignments. Just as expected, there are both sides to the argument – for and against. While the pro assignment parents and teachers argue that through these extra academic works, schools are able to meet up with the huge curriculum slots that need to be tackled within each given school year. They also argue that these activities help students to further improve their study skills.

The opposing side would tell you that homework does not but keep students ‘busy doing nothing’. They also believe that assignments are anti-social since it takes up the time children should have used for extracurricular activities. What about the stress they go through when it becomes obvious that they would not be able to fully complete their assigned tasks? There are lots of truth and lots of lies somewhere in between and now you have been asked to give your opinion if this activity should continue or not.

If your opinion is that homework should be abolished, then you would surely find these ideas very helpful in writing your own paper. They are as follows:

  • Anti Social: It is important that kids are not made to miss out on the fun of being kids. This is exactly what after school activities do – it does not allow them to socialize with their mates and friends as much as they would want to. This is known to have negative impact on a child’s communication abilities.
  • Detrimental To Health: When a child completes the necessary stay at school and finally gets home, it is only natural to allow such child rest for the day. Saddling the same child with another set of academic activity would only be counter-productive.
  • Scares Children Away From School: When the kids are not able to complete the assigned after school tasks, they dread going to school to face their teacher, knowing that he or she would not be happy with their failure to complete the tasks.
  • Stress To Parents: For those parents who work 9 to 5, it is very stressful coming home to a huge pile of assignments that they need to assist their children in writing. These parents need a break, just as their children do.

With these few opinions, you would definitely be able to write an interesting and convincing academic paper against the notion that students should have homework.