Green Tea Extract

Green tea is extracted from Camellia sinensis plant leaves and has been known to come from China. The Chinese have been utilizing the benefits of the extract for thousands of years now, and it is part of the Chinese diet. There have been lots books in China that describe how the extract can be best utilized. Green tea extract is an important part of the culture of many countries like China and Japan and is an important tradition in many societies.

Chinese medicine has been highly valued due to the number of essential health benefits it provides. Western society now has a fair share of these antioxidants and their ability to prevent free radicals from accumulating in the body and damaging the cells while we age.

Green Tea Extract

The extract is manufactured by soaking tea leaves in a liquid. After the so-called strong infusion procedure, it is then concentrated in 40–50% solids while being dehydrated and converted into powder.

A Very Active Ingredient of Green Tea

Green Tea Extract

Recent research reveals that a number of major health benefits are due to catechins composed in the leaves of green tea plants. Catechins are certain types of polyphenol, which are chemical compounds found in plants. One of them, the so-called EGCG, is quite beneficial to T-cells within our body and is a major component of the immune system.

Catechins are also observed for their antioxidant characteristics. This is fantastic for each cell within the body since antioxidants can stimulate receptor sensitivity and cell signaling and allows the body cells to transport nutrients easily for better health at the cellular level.

Green Tea Extract

Green Tea Extract Forms

Supplements are the most usual forms of green tea extract. Depending on an individual’s choice, he may opt for a capsule or pill. Many people prefer this since it is easier to get health benefits by drinking the tea.

Garcinia Cambogia Side Effects

Garcinia cambogia is gaining traction lately. It’s a fruit extract derived from a certain plant in Southeast Asia. It’s widely known for being a weight loss supplement. Research may have shown the effectiveness of such products for weight loss, and a lot of people are still wondering about its possible side effects. We will briefly discuss the possibilities of garcinia cambogia side effects in this section.

Garcinia Cambogia Side Effects

Are There Any Side Effects of the Product?

As a fruit, garcinia cambogia extract is basically a natural product. Just like other natural products, people have no reports whatsoever of any side effects from the fruit extract.

But just like other herbal and natural products, this one isn’t evaluated by the FDA. So you need to practice caution when using the supplement. There have been no reported side effects whatsoever in adults. But if you have a chronic illness like diabetes, it would not be advisable to take the supplement. Lactating and pregnant women must also do away with this product.

People administering medications also shouldn’t take it without the approval of their physicians. Supplements may not have any obvious effects at first, although using it with other drugs may lead to other adverse effects. Thus, it is best to consult the doctor before taking any type of medication. The product must not also be administered to young children because it may have unknown adverse effects on them.

Raspberry Ketone Uses

Raspberry ketone contains phenolic compounds naturally found in raspberries. This was originally utilized as food sweeteners and as an ingredient for cosmetics. Raspberries were originally thought to be ordinary fruits, but today’s research has discovered its potential for doing wonderful things with the human body. Briefly discussed in this section are raspberry ketone uses.

Weight Loss Agent

A series of scientific research reveals that raspberry ketones can help individuals lose weight by just enhancing their metabolism and stimulating a particular hormone in the body called adiponectin, which is responsible for regulating the metabolism of fat. Individuals with big appetites but are thin enjoy the benefits of adiponectin since it is hard for them to gain weight. Individuals who are obese have been observed to have very low levels of adiponectin. Certain amounts of adiponectin produced in the body have the tendency to slow down when we age. Because of this, raspberry ketone has also been recommended for individuals who are old and experiencing weight-related complications.

Raspberry Ketone Uses

Energy Booster

Unlike the majority of weight loss products in the market today, raspberry ketone is unique because it allows a person to become more active and alert each day. It does not make the user feel nauseated or tired. It’s the reason why the product is safe to use each day.

Health Enhancer

Various studies from health experts have revealed the fact that ketone is a superb health enhancer as well. Not only does it aid a person in weight loss; it also boosts up a person’s overall condition. It revitalizes the body’s organs and helps a person acquire more energy. It also regulates circulation of the blood.

Side Effects

Because the supplement was derived from natural ingredients, it assures the users the absence of any adverse side effects. It is, however, prohibited for women who are pregnant because it is very effective for weight loss.

The bottomline here is that raspberry ketone has become an efficient weight loss product, and studies support what people have already experienced. But to in order to ensure maximum results, it would be ideal to consult a physician before taking the supplement.

CLA Dosage Weight Loss

What is CLA dosage weight loss, and how does it work? CLA or conjugated linoleic acid has been considered as a supplement for reducing body fats. It can also increase the amount of muscle tissues a person has. Individuals who should be interested in CLA fat burners should be individuals who want to lose fat, just like athletes. It will truly benefit anyone who wants to lose fat and gain muscles.

How Does CLA Work?

CLA works in keeping the fat cells from increasing in size; it blocks enzymes that allow the fat cells to accumulate. Other researchers suggest that CLA has the ability to alter the composition of a person’s body by enhancing the muscles and burning fats since it metabolizes fats through a fairly complex process. Generally, the enzymes in the body are like hormones in that they are sensitive to lipoprotein lipase and lipase that appear to block the intake of new fats and speed up burning.

Is It Supported by Science?

Recent Scandinavian studies determined that CLA does aid individuals who want to lose weight and reduce the overall mass of fat in their bodies. It was a relatively small study with 60 overweight people who were not allowed to diet as participants.

CLA Dosage Weight Loss

The participants were either provided with 9 g olive oil as placebo or 1.7, 3.4, 5.1 or 6.8 of CLA each day for three months. The body composition of the participants were measured in the middle of the procedure and right after the study to figure out whether changes have occurred throughout the period. As a matter of fact, promising results were revealed.

Participants Lost at Least 2.2 Lbs in Three Months

This may not seem like a big deal, but the researchers are still optimistic with the results because the participants did not change their diet but still lost weight. Also, weight loss was due to fat loss.

Pyruvate Benefits on Beauty

Everybody wants to become beautiful, but not everybody knows how to become one. We are aware that beauty isn’t just manifested on the outside but also from within. To be genuinely beautiful, one should not only look but also feel strong and sexy. One of the pyruvate benefits is that.

Pyruvate Benefits on Beauty

What Can Calcium Deficiency Do to You?

Majority of us are living in a fast-paced environment. We rarely find time to cook our own meals inside our homes and settle for eating meals from fast-food chains. It is because of this type of lifestyle that majority of us develop poor diet that can cause suffering and other diseases. Majority of the time, poor diet also entails lack of particular nutrients that are important to the immune system. One such nutrient is calcium. Because the body lacks calcium, the muscles and nerves become weak. This affects our heart and skeletal muscles.

Calcium Pyruvate Makes You Feel Sexy

Majority of women don’t like to eat since they fear that doing so would cause them to gain more weight. People commonly link starvation to being sexy. But maintaining a sexy figure doesn’t mean you should not eat. You just need to eat right, and this entails self-discipline. Instead of eating fries, burger, or pizza, learn the habit of eating whole grains, fruits, and vegetables. Rather than drinking soda, drink water. In addition, take supplements that will provide you with the right kind of essential nutrients.

Calcium pyruvate is one such supplement. What’s good about it is that it helps individuals in losing weight. Calcium pyruvate increases metabolism in the body by burning extra calories and fat fast.

Pyruvate Benefits on Beauty

Calcium Pyruvate Increases Strength

Beauty means not just having a nice figure but also having a strong and healthy body. Calcium pyruvate makes the bones stronger. It also enhances the functionality of the nerves. If you don’t like drinking milk and don’t like the idea of acquiring extra calories from it and are intolerant to lactose, then you should include calcium pyruvate in your diet. Milk and dairy products aren’t the only sources of calcium after all.

Forskolin Reviews

Forskolin is a bodybuilding and weight loss herb supplement that has made a big noise in the recent market. It is also marketed as coleonol and colforsin. It’s a natural compound taken from Coleus plant and tuberous roots. It seemed to have gained popularity after Dr Oz introduced it in one of his famous shows.

Forskolin Reviews

Indian Coleus plant is utilized for medical purposes for many centuries. Part of the ayurvedic medicine (an ancient Indian medicine) practice was utilized in the treatment of different heart conditions, plus chest pain (angina), high blood pressure, respiratory disorders like asthma and convulsions.

Forskolin Reviews

There is unfortunately so little science and modern scientific study that would vouch for the benefits of this herb. It would seem that the opportunistic marketers of today don’t give so much attention to research and simply do promotions without even thinking of whether their product is really effective.

However, there has been a peer forskolin review study published in one scientific journal. The study revealed major effects on obese and overweight men: forksolin reduced the amount of body fat or fat mass. It also increased the level of serum testosterone and bone mass in those obese and overweight men. One must notice, however, that the studies were conducted only upon men. Thus, such study may not be applicable to people with different demographics, and it would be advisable to get the physicians’ advice first.

Forskolin activates adenylyl cyclase enzyme. The enzyme is responsible for sending chemical signals outside the cell towards the cell membrane inside the cell. Spontaneous effects include an increase in the level of cyclic AMP or adenosine monophosphate, also called cAMP. This is a very essential messenger in a lot of biological procedures. It is responsible in the transfer of common hormones like adrenaline, which cannot pass through the membranes within the cell.